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Gaylord / Box Unloading Units

The Gaylord Tilter is a revolutionary solution designed to enhance the efficiency of vacuum unloading Gaylords or other containers. The automatic tilting feature ensures smooth and continuous flow of material to the vacuum wand with minimal need for operator intervention. This robust machine can lift up to 1000 lbs at 80psi, with the initial tilt weight adjustable as per requirements.



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  • Efficient Operation: The Gaylord Tilter’s automatic tilting feature allows for smooth and continuous material flow, maximizing operational efficiency.

  • Heavy Duty Frame: Built with durability in mind, the heavy duty frame ensures a long service life and reliable performance.

  • Ground Entry Loading: The ground entry loading design facilitates easy and efficient loading of materials.

  • High Lift Capacity: With a lift capacity of up to 1000 lbs at 80psi, handle heavy loads with ease.

  • Customizable: The initial tilt weight can be set as required using the adjustable regulator.

  • Additional Features: Includes a Firestone Industrial Airbag, Parker Pneumatic Regulator, Parker 3-Position Valve, 1″ Flanged Pivot Bearing, Vacuum Wand Holder, and Gaylord Retainer.

  • Foot Control Valve

  • Plunger Style Inline Valve

  • Pneumatic Vibrator with Controls

  • Safety Ratchet

  • Full Tilt Indicator Switch & Light

  • Tilt Table Caster Frame

  • Custom Options & Sizes Available

  • Heavy Duty Applications

TSM Patented Mixing Technology

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