TSM has 45 years of experience in producing innovative
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Gravimetric Blenders

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Features of Our Gravimetric Blenders & Feeders

TSM is one of the world’s leading gravimetric blending specialists in the world. Throughout the years, we innovated to bring you patented gravimetric mixing solutions which can be configured to the needs of any application.

Our gravimetric blenders are suitable for Blown Film, Cast Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion, Extrusion Coating, Bopp Extrusion, Wire & Cable Extrusion, Compounding Line, Multifilament Line (Fiber), Pipe & Profile Extrusion, Blow molding & ISBM and Injection molding.


TSM provide savings through superior mixing. Utilizing our unique reverse flight mixing auger can ensure all materials are mixed consistently with no separation, no dead spots in the mixing chamber and no need to adjust mixing times. The downward head pressure generated with our positive displacement technique ensures consistent throughput irrespective of material composition.

Each of TSM’s Gravimetric blenders can develop a variety of reports to verify blend quality, consistency, tracking consumption of ingredients and variety of materials used over a period. These are custom to the needs of the customer.

It is now possible to report on an entire plant-wide operation automatically, rather than compiling the data across a series of different blenders.

With TSM Gravimetric blenders distinctive dosing technologies, our customers can achieve low set point targets with consistent accuracy. Designed with high accuracy software, precise control of each component is a standard feature.

All of TSMs Gravimetric Blenders are designed with longevity in mind. Machines which were installed for customers over 20 years ago are still in operation. It is with pride that TSM engineer and manufacture machinery which stand the test of time.

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Gravimetric Blenders



Gravimetric Blenders

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