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TSM Control Systems is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to address the unique challenges of the extrusion coating process. Our products offer precision, control, and efficiency in every step, ensuring consistent quality and thickness in your extrusion coatings.

Extrusion Coating Applications with TSM Control Systems


Extrusion coating is a versatile process used in various industries to apply a protective or decorative plastic layer onto a substrate. It requires precise control over material blending and processing to maintain consistent quality and thickness. TSM Control Systems offers comprehensive solutions designed specifically for extrusion coating applications to help you achieve optimal results.




Extrusion coating is a vital process in various industries, including packaging, automotive, construction, and textiles. It provides a protective layer that combines the beneficial properties of different materials, resulting in high-quality, tailor-made products. But this process comes with its own unique challenges, from material compatibility and adhesion issues to strict quality control and environmental considerations.


One of the most significant challenges in extrusion coating is maintaining consistent product quality. Ensuring that each coating is defect-free, even, and adheres to specific color, gloss level, and thickness specifications requires meticulous control over the blend of materials and process parameters.


At TSM Control Systems, we understand these challenges. Our advanced solutions are specifically designed to overcome these hurdles, enabling you to achieve consistent high quality, improve operational efficiency, and boost profitability.

Maintaining consistent quality in extrusion coating is a pervasive challenge in the industry. This is a multifaceted issue involving precise control of material blends, real-time monitoring of process parameters, defect prevention, maintaining uniform coating thickness, ensuring correct color and gloss levels, quick adaptation to product changes, and effective inventory control and reporting. Each of these aspects presents unique challenges:

  • Precise Control Over Material Blend: The blend of materials used in the coating process significantly influences the final product’s properties. Achieving the precise ratio of materials in every batch is a complex task, given the diverse range of materials and their unique characteristics. An incorrect blend can lead to products not meeting the required specifications, leading to wastage and increased costs.
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Process Parameters: Extrusion coating involves various process parameters such as temperature, pressure, and extrusion speed that need to be tightly controlled. Any fluctuations can cause inconsistencies in the coating, leading to quality issues. Real-time monitoring and control of these parameters require advanced systems and technologies, which may not be readily available or easy to implement.
  • Preventing Defects: Defects such as pinholes, streaks, or uneven coating can occur due to inaccuracies in material blending or process parameters. These defects not only affect the visual appeal of the product but can also compromise its functionality. Detecting and rectifying these defects can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Maintaining Even Thickness: Ensuring a uniform coating thickness across the substrate is essential for the product’s performance and aesthetics. Uneven thickness can result from inconsistencies in the material feed or process parameters, requiring meticulous control and monitoring to prevent.
  • Ensuring Correct Color and Gloss Level: The color and gloss level of the coating are critical for the product’s aesthetic appeal. Achieving the correct color and gloss level consistently requires precise control over the material blend and process conditions. Variations can lead to products that do not meet the desired specifications, affecting customer satisfaction.
  • Fast Product Changes: The need for quick product changes to meet changing customer demands or market trends adds to the complexity of maintaining consistent quality. Each change requires adjustments to the material blend and process parameters, increasing the risk of inconsistencies and defects.
  • Inventory Control and Reporting: Effective inventory management is critical for maintaining consistent quality. Running out of a particular material or using materials beyond their shelf-life can impact the quality of the coating. Furthermore, a lack of comprehensive reporting can hinder efforts to identify and address the root causes of quality issues.

Each of these challenges underscores the need for advanced, reliable, and efficient solutions like those offered by TSM Control Systems. Our products are designed to help extrusion coating processors overcome these challenges, ensuring high-quality, consistent outputs every time.

TSM Control Systems offers a suite of solutions designed to address the major challenges in the extrusion coating industry. Our products provide precise control, real-time monitoring, and fast adjustments to changes, helping you maintain consistent quality and optimize your extrusion coating process.

  • Opti-Mix Gravimetric Batch Blender Accommodate a wide range of material blends with high accuracy dispensing, enjoy faster product changes, and maintain consistent product quality with self-optimizing software.
  • Opti-X LIW Gravimetric Batch Blender Achieve superior accuracies, blend ratios, and mixing homogeneity while enjoying a fast and accurate control response.
  • Opti-Blend MLIW Continuous Gravimetric Dosing (Flood Fed) Benefit from continuous gravimetric and throughput control of up to 7 components, ensuring a consistent blend of materials throughout the process.
  • Opti-Yield SLIW Extruder Control Monitor the rate of one material or pre-blended material as it feeds into the extrusion process, helping to maintain consistent quality.
  • TSM Conveying, Treatment & Storage Equipment Experience customized specifications, easy manual & automatic handling, and reduced lifetime running costs.

Experience the TSM difference in extrusion coating. Our solutions ensure precision, control, and efficiency to meet your every need.

TSM Control Systems offers an array of cutting-edge solutions designed to address the most pressing challenges in the extrusion coating process. Here are the top five features of TSM’s solutions for extrusion coating:

  1. High Accuracy Dispensing: Both the Opti-Mix and Opti-X LIW Gravimetric Batch Blenders offer high accuracy dispensing (up to 0.01% of the batch). This precision ensures that the correct blend of materials is achieved, contributing to consistent and superior product quality.
  2. Real-Time Control and Adaptability: The Opti-X LIW Gravimetric Batch Blender, Opti-Blend MLIW Continuous Gravimetric Dosing, and Opti-Yield SLIW Extruder Control provide fast and accurate control responses. This allows for real-time adjustments to the blend as needed and instant response to process disturbances, preventing quality issues and ensuring consistent output.
  3. Broad Accommodation of Components: The Opti-Mix Gravimetric Batch Blender can accommodate up to 12 components. This flexibility allows for a wide range of material blends to be created, catering to diverse extrusion coating needs.
  4. Efficient Inventory Management: Both the Opti-Mix Gravimetric Batch Blender and Opti-Yield SLIW Extruder Control feature inventory reporting. This provides valuable data for quality control and material usage tracking, aiding in efficient inventory management and reducing waste.
  5. Integrated Solutions: All TSM products offer a range of accessories and interconnectivity with other machines, processes, or parts. This allows for a fully integrated solution, reducing operational complexity, and increasing overall process efficiency.

Each of these features plays a crucial role in maintaining consistent quality in the extrusion coating process. By providing precise control, real-time monitoring, adaptability, and integrated solutions, TSM’s offerings help ensure a high-quality, consistent coating that meets industry standards and customer expectations.

TSM Control Systems’ solutions offer several substantial benefits to the extrusion coating industry, optimizing operations, and driving quality improvements. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Product Quality: With the high accuracy dispensing and real-time control, TSM’s solutions ensure precise blends and adherence to process parameters. This precision contributes to superior and consistent product quality.
  2. Increased Operational Efficiency: Features like fast product changes and automatic control responses enhance the overall operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and accelerating throughput.
  3. Cost Savings: By supporting increased regrind usage, TSM’s solutions can provide potential cost savings. Also, the efficient control and monitoring systems minimize waste, further contributing to cost-effectiveness.
  4. Improved Inventory Management: The inventory reporting capabilities of TSM’s solutions offer real-time insights into material usage. This feature aids in efficient inventory management, reducing excess inventory costs, and avoiding potential production delays due to lack of materials.
  5. Reduced Maintenance Time: Features like removable parts and easy-to-clean weigh hoppers make maintenance quicker and simpler, reducing the overall time spent on upkeep and ensuring machines stay operational for longer periods.
  6. Greater Flexibility: The ability to accommodate a wide range of components and materials gives operators greater flexibility to cater to diverse extrusion coating needs.
  7. Integration and Compatibility: TSM’s solutions are designed to integrate with other machines, processes, or parts, creating a seamless and efficient workflow.
  8. Customizable Solutions: TSM offers customized specifications, tailoring solutions to the specific needs of the extrusion coating process, ensuring each client gets a system that fits their unique requirements.

By integrating TSM Control Systems’ solutions into the extrusion coating process, businesses can significantly enhance their operations, boost product quality, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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