Opti-Blend MLIW Continuous Gravimetric Dosing (Flood Fed)

Opti-Blend MLIW Continuous Gravimetric Dosing (Flood Fed)

The TSM Opti-Blend provides a Loss in Weight based “dosing” solution to gravimetric blending and extrusion control for up to 7 components. The primary component is gravity fed directly to the extruder throat and the secondary (side fed materials) maintain recipe ratio via auger feeds.





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TSM’s Opti-Blend range of dosing solutions ensure material homogeneity and consistent product quality. They provide continuous gravimetric and throughput control of up to 7 components. The unit is controlled via the latest generation of controller with full machine direction control of the extrusion process.



  • Fast, Accurate Control Response

  • High Accuracy Dispensing up to 0.01% of Batch

  • Fast Throughput Measurement

  • Instantaneous Response to Process Disturbances

  • Superior Weighing & Mixing

  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.5% of target setpoint

  • No material separation or de-mixing

  • Precise control of recipes

  • Rapid achievement of Setpoint Target

  • Easily removable, easy clean, augers and hoppers

  • Clean Mode / Easy Recipe Change

  • Gravity fed main component allows recipe changes “On the Fly” and minimal waste

  • User Friendly Remote Operator Interface

  • Kilo Per Hour / Weight Per Length Control

  • Full Manual Backup option

  • Easy to service due to modular electronics

  • Comprehensive printable reports on shift order, reel and material usage information

  • Rugged Design

  • Liquid Additive Control Option

  • Comprehensive serial communications ports using industry standard Modbus/ Profibus/ Profinet protocols

  • Brushless motor option for maintenance free auger drives

  • Complete remote access to blender

Opti-Blend Range Opti-Blend 400 Opti-Blend 1000 Opti-Blend 1800
Throughput  400kg / 800lb (per hour) 1000kg/2200lb (per hour) 1800kg/3960lb (per hour)


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