Automatic Gravimetric Extruder Yield Control System

TSM Control Systems’ Automatic Gravimetric Extruder Yield Control – an advanced method of extrusion control that measures the output by weight, ensuring accurate and precise output from an extruder. With the use of a gravimetric feeder and sensors that monitor temperature and pressure, the system automatically adjusts process parameters to increase or decrease the output, resulting in improved accuracy, increased efficiency, reduced waste, better quality control, and flexibility for a wide range of manufacturing applications.  




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The Automatic Gravimetric Extruder Yield Control System by TSM Control Systems is an advanced solution designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the extrusion process in manufacturing. This system uses a gravimetric feeder and sensors to measure and control the weight of the material being extruded, resulting in precise and consistent output that meets required specifications.

The TSM Gravimetric Blenders continuously monitor material throughput and optimize yield on extrusion lines by reducing setpoints to a minimum. The system monitors the line speed and extruder output to guarantee precise on-specification and consistent output quality, reducing waste considerably while operating at optimum yields. The system also provides roll, order and shift summaries by component, allowing for precise calculation of material costs and net profit margin analysis per order.

  • Improved accuracy and precision

  • Increased efficiency and reduced downtime

  • Reduced material waste and costs

  • Flexibility with a wide range of materials

  • Better quality control

  • Mounted directly on extruder throat for tighter tolerances and down-gauging

  • Higher yields of 2-3% from production line

  • Suitable for Batch or Continuous Gravimetric Systems

  • Adaptive control software allowing changes in screw or line speed

  • Auto compensation for material density variations using TSM algorithms

Our range of Automatic Extrusion & Yield Control Solutions include:

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