Conveying, Treatment & Storage Equipment

TSM has 45 years of experience in Conveying, Treatment & Storage equipment within the plastics industry. As an innovative firm, TSM delivers concrete solutions for material handling and storage, conveying systems, material pre-treatment, and material unloading equipment.

Material Handling Solutions


TSM is one of the world’s leading providers of Conveying, treatment & storage solutions, whether that is the case for; Blown Film, Cast Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion, Extrusion Coating, Bopp Extrusion, Wire & Cable Extrusion, Compounding Line, Multifilament Line (Fibre), Pipe & Profile Extrusion, Blow Moulding & ISBM and Injection Moulding. 

TSM Range of Conveying, Treatment & Storage Equipment 

TSMs material handling & storage solutions offer a large range of equipment to meet any plastic processing needs. Whether it is vacuum systems, loading equipment, piping solutions, drying systems or material storage such as silos, TSM material handling & storage products provide smart solutions, saving time, resources, and down-time. 

Why Choose TSM Control Systems as your Conveying, Treatment & Storage Equipment Provider.

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