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TSM has 45 years of experience in providing plastic producers with a world class product rangeAs an innovative firm, TSM delivers the most critical solutions for many applications and processes, and with this we have created an extensive accessories line to compliment all your products and applications.   

Gravimetric blending accessories

TSM Accessories: Enhancing Solutions

Every TSM solution is specifically engineered, whether you’re constructing a new facility or purchasing new equipment to fit your existing space. Our staff collaborates closely with you to develop a tailored solution for your needs, drawing on years of experience. With the help of this, we have produced a comprehensive catalogue of accessories to improve our product line. TSM has the capacity to produce a solution that works for you, even for the most complex projects, because of the variety of products we offer, our organisational depth, and our process-engineering expertise. 


Benefits of TSM’s Accessories 

Our Range of Accessories

Why Choose TSM Control Systems as your Accessories Provider

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