Industry 4.0; Realtime Data Collection

TSM has 45 years of experience in producing innovative world class solutions for the plastics industry. TSM Industry 4.0 and real-time data collection solutions turns your factory into a smart factory and can be customized to meet any process or application. 

Delivering plant performance by empowering people! 

Industry 4.0 solution is an enhanced way of connecting devices, production lines and multiple plants to each other via the internet.

TSM’s INSIGHT uses real-time data to help monitor and streamline production processes, and can identify any potential issues that may arise.



Improving plant performance by empowering people INSIGHT, TSM’s 4.0 solution, enables scalable high-level data processing of devices, production lines, and multiple plants with standout features benefitting all application processes: 


  • 100% Web Enabled
  • Intuitive user-friendly interfaces
  • Customizable Specification
  • Multiple Communication Protocols
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Real-time & Historic Materials and Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Waste & Cost


Industry 4.0 Solutions

TSM Controls takes pride in offering a solutions-based approach, crafting products designed to integrate seamlessly with the INSIGHT platform.

Gravimetric Blenders

Download our Industry and realtime data collection PDF here: 



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