Automatic Airrings & Gauging Systems

TSM has over 45 years of experience in providing plastic producers in blown with world class Automatic Air-Ring & Gauging Systems.  As an innovative firm, TSM delivers the most critical solutions for blown film extrusion. At each stage, TSM Automatic Air-Rings & Gauging Systems provide world class automation solutions, allowing for fully controlled results.  

Automatic Airrings & Gauging Systems

Automatic Air-Rings & Gauging Systems

TSM is one of the world’s leading providers of Automatic Air-Rings & Gauging Systems for plastic processes, particularly within Blown Film. Our partnership with Octagon allows for a unique collaboration of the best the world has to offer. Our range of Auto gauging & automatic Air-Rings are developed from substantial fluidic studies, practical tests along with the most important factor, customer input.  Features of our systems include:


  • Improved process stability in both MD (machine direction) & CD (cross direction)
  • Reduction in material costs/ increased material savings
  • Increase production output by minimum 10%.
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Material usage statistics
  • Traceability and reporting of all production data
  • Single, intuitive user interface
  • Multiple communication protocols

Our Range of Automatic Air-Rings & Gauging Systems

Automatic Airrings & Gauging Systems

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