Complete Turnkey Solutions

We love a challenge at TSMWe take some of the most complex problems facing the plastics industry today and provide end-to-end turnkey product solutions for an array of bulk material applications.   

Turnkey Solutions

Everyday Challenges for Plastic Processors 

There are many challenges facing plastic processors including consistent quality of end-product, higher productivity, material costs, waste & scrap reduction, inventory management and energy. 

One overlooked challenge is managing multiple vendors when it comes to adding plastic processing equipment to a production line.  Missing elements of project scope can be easily overlooked by not looking at the bigger picture or integrations of equipment.  Supply chain management no matter the project size can be overwhelming. 


Engineered Solutions for Supply Chain Challenges

TSM utilizes our full range of auxiliary plastics processing equipment to provide engineered process solutions specific to application.  We work closely to understand our customers and partners project requirements and end goal, providing a single point of contact for plastic processors. 


TSM’s turnkey project management solution is to provide our customers and partners with a one-stop-shop for their bulk material handling and axillary plastic processing equipment needs.    


For over 40 years, our wide product range has helped our customer’s lower raw material usage, produce less scrap, increase their visibility of bulk material inventory and much more.  Starting at the silos through to the process line, we have the capability to provide quality equipment and uniformity to the overall production line. 

Scope of our Turnkey Solutions

Our Range of Turnkey Product Solutions include: 

Turnkey Solutions

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TSM’s Supply Chain Management for Plastic Processors

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