Complete Project Delivery

Complete Project Delivery 

We offer a wide range of services and installation options to complement TSM’s superior products and bulk material handling systems. From system and process design to commissioning and training, TSM has the knowledge and experience to design, manufacture, install and service material handling systems.



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From the silo to machine feed-throat.

TSM offers a full range of auxiliary plastics processing equipment for various applications. We work with each client to understand project requirements and provide a solution that works. Our solutions-based approach makes us a supplier that plastic processors can trust every step of the project.


Having TSM as the one point of contact eliminates some of the functional pains associated with a new project. Our equipment is competitively priced to help our clients stay within budget. We work closely to understand the scope of the project and engineer a solution so all equipment on a line operates together. There is no need to juggle multiple vendors and worry if the equipment will integrate. TSM as a single source for equipment means one point of contact for service-related issues as well.

  • Single source supplier for project managers

  • Easy to implement systems

  • Unified controls and machine designs

  • TSM technical service and support

  • Reliable delivery

  • Flexibility if project scope changes

  • Gravimetric Blenders & Feeders

  • Conveying, Treatment & Storage

  • Automatic Airrings & Gauging Systems

  • Automatic Extrusion/Yield Control

  • Controls, Upgrades & Integration

  • Industry 4.0; Realtime Data Collection

  • Accessories

Our Products

Products to transform your process: 

Our Blenders and auxiliary equipment are the industry’s strongest and smartest, providing a robust solution that works comfortably in plant environments yet delivers exceptional control and performance in all applications. Check out our range of products below. 

TSM Patented Mixing Technology


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TSM wants to work with you on your next project. We have the experience and expertise to meet project requirements and the track record to prove it. Contact us today so we can get started on a complete turnkey project solution for you.

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