INSIGHT: IIoT Solution

The INSIGHT Platform is a dynamic, cloud-based system offering real-time data collection and processing. Integrated with TSM gravimetric blenders, INSIGHT transforms vast data into actionable insights, empowering decision-making and boosting productivity. Experience the future of Industry 4.0 with INSIGHT.





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The INSIGHT Platform is a scalable, high-level, cloud-based data processing platform designed for devices in the plastic production industry. It provides full visualization and analysis of overall plant and/or line performance, allowing for remote diagnostics and service, yield optimization, and real-time inventory management. This comprehensive data capture allows INSIGHT to present rich information in both real-time dashboards and numerous detailed reports, offering increased measurable value across all critical plant and business metric.

  • Three user login tiers

  • Robust two-layer data redundancy protocols in the event of loss of internet or Loss of connectivity to Insight

  • Detailed dashboards displaying machinery and facility status

  • Precise and traceable materials usage

  • Detailed recipe log

  • Metric driven reporting for facility and machine performance

  • Data downloadable

  • Searchable alarm and config logs

  • Can be expanded

  • Control access to different functionality and data

  • Production dashboards with Machine efficiency, performance, and availability

  • Running status dashboards with current recipe, status and setpoints

  • Large scale reporting

  • Quick report sharing

  • Secure one-way communication​

  • Promotes data excellence: INSIGHT is an essential tool for realizing the value of data excellence in the industry

  • Drives value: By identifying the key value drivers in any IIoT project, INSIGHT delivers true value

  • People focus: INSIGHT emphasizes the human element of digital transformation, fostering a positive mindset and allowing for project evolution

  • Data security and platform integrity: INSIGHT employs robust multi-staged backup data strategies to ensure data security and platform integrity

The INSIGHT Platform can handle vast quantities of data from TSM gravimetric blenders and other connected devices, making it a scalable solution for companies of various sizes. It is designed to be flexible and adaptable, and can be expanded to suit the needs of the organization.

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