Material Unloading


Material unloading systems are used to facilitate the efficient and safe offloading of materials from trucks, railcars, and other large containers.

TSM’s material unloading equipment can increase productivity and efficiency by allowing plastic processors to quickly and easily move materials from one area to another.


Bulk Material Unloading equipment is found in many points throughout a plastic processing system. TSM has an unloading solution for plastic processers receiving raw material from a railcar, bulk bag or a gaylord. We can provide complete Railcar Unloading Systems, Automatic or Rip & Tip Debagging Systems, Gaylord Hydraulic Dumpers, and Gaylord Tilters.


Like all our other equipment, our bulk material unloading systems are engineered to application requirements. Our material unloading equipment can be integrated into existing TSM or non-TSM systems to provide a full plastic processing system.



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