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Introducing the Smartlip One Air-Ring, a revolution in blown-film extrusion, exclusively distributed by TSM Control Systems. Leveraging our comprehensive expertise in blown film technology, we have partnered with Octagon to deliver superior control over film thickness, enhanced production capacity, and optimal film properties, setting new standards for efficiency and quality in the industry.





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The Smartlip One Air-Ring, is a critical component for the quality and performance of blown-film extrusion lines. Designed to deliver high performance and quality efficiencies, the air ring ensures optimal properties for the manufacture of technical films while reducing production cost and increasing extruder production capacity.

The Air-Ring is equipped with horizontally sliding teeth that adjust the airflow through the radially located channels in response to the mapped thickness profile. It controls 100% of the airflow to the dual lips, providing maximum control capability for the gauge variation. The air ring offers better control of geometry, bubble stability, and thickness profile correction thanks to its unique mechanical design​.

  • Automatic Thickness Profile Control: The air ring automatically controls the thickness profile of blown film, reducing tolerances by up to 70% and increasing extruder production capacity by up to 30%​.
  • Uniform Airflow Distribution: The internal airflow distribution is uniform, reducing the risk of bubble collapse to a minimum. This allows the operator to pump more air during the process​.
  • Automatic Adjustment of Mechanical Settings: The automatic adjustment of mechanical settings allows the operator to make fine adjustments, thereby increasing production efficiency​.
  • Capacitive Sensor for Thickness Measurement: The air ring uses a capacitive sensor for measuring the thickness profile, identifying thick and thin spots of the profile to correct the thickness variations​.
  • Easy-to-Use Software: The software offers various types of data for monitoring and control, such as Cartesian diagram, Polar diagram, Gauss diagram, tolerances, machine capacity, Fourier Analysis, and Profile Analysis​.
  • Diameter: Die sizes ranging from 100 to 200mm

  • Throughput & weight/length options available

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