Opti-X LIW Gravimetric Batch Blending

TSM’s Opti-X Gravimetric Batch Blender Loss-in-Weight technology, has been designed exclusively for extrusion control. All the fundamental capabilities are enhanced in this new range and packaged in a sleek, robust, user-friendly design. But most importantly, essential business metrics relating to material usage, energy usage, downtime analysis and OEE (Operational Equipment Efficiency) are available across single or multiple lines and factories.



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OPTI-X range of Extrusion Control applications represent TSM’s next generation blending technology, providing superior accuracies, blend ratios and mixing homogeneity not achievable  by competitive systems. OPTI-X blenders utilize TSM slide valve design and patented reverse flight auger mixing technology combined with continuous Loss-in-Weight measurement.

TSM’s extrusion control blenders combine in a unique way, accurate gravimetric batch blending with integrated extrusion control using Loss-in-Weight techniques. This results in exceptional, ultra fast through-put measurement and control of the extrusion process. OPTI-X range can accommodate up to twelve components at throughputs up to 1300kg (2900 lbs) / hour).

  • Fast, Accurate Control Response

  • High Accuracy Dispensing up to 0.01% of Batch

  • Fast Throughput Measurement

  • Instantaneous Response to Process Disturbances

  • Superior Weighing & Mixing

  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.5% of target setpoint

  • Easily removable access panels designed to conceal & protect critical cables and wiring

  • Uniquely designed optional material level sensor’s allowing adjustable sensor positioning on any hopper compartment

  • Quick cleaning easy drain chutes allowing for complete emptying of the hopper bin when changing materials, available on all hopper compartments.

  • Simple connect flexible tubing to the drain and open the manual slide to allow material to exit the hopper compartment

  • Hidden panel designed to hold a small & compact user’s manual

  • Large blender access door with generous viewing window

  • Heavy duty optional extruder adaptor neck with material drain chute

  • Stainless steel LIW homogenous material mixing chamber

  • Independently suspended mixing chamber on a hinged base creates an ideal barrier against accidental damage of the LIW load cell. The unique design allows higher resolution measurement of material flow to extruder

Opti-Mix Characteristics
Opti-X 100
Opti-X 200
Opti-X 400
Opti-X 800
Reservoir Hopper Volume (L/Compartment)  15 15 23 32
Standard No. Material Components 4 6 6 6
Optional Additional Material Components 2 2 2 2
Std Batch Weight Capacity (kg)/lbs 1/2.2 3/6.6 5/11 9/19.8

TSM Patented Mixing Technology


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