TSM Control Systems Automatic & Remote Cleaning Options

TSM Control Systems is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the plastics industry. Our Automatic & Remote Cleaning options are designed to ensure the highest level of efficiency and cleanliness in your operations.




TSM Auto-Clean is a unique feature for our batch blender range. It facilitates rapid order and color change by cleaning all pellets from the entire mixing chamber interior using our uniquely designed 3-Step control process. This feature allows for a change from one color to another without any cross-contamination. The blender is no longer the limiting factor; instead, the purge time of the extruder (or injection unit) determines the time required for color change.

Our Remote-Easy Drain options for both the Micra-Dose Side Feeder and the Main Component of the Opti-Mix series provide an efficient and remote way to drain materials, ensuring a clean and smooth operation.

For operations that require manual control, we offer Manual Material Bin Drain options and optional Manual Material Drain Chutes. These features provide flexibility and control over the cleaning process.

Our Reservoir Bin Blow Down feature, combined with comprehensive Blender Cleaning, ensures that your equipment remains clean and efficient, reducing the risk of contamination and improving the overall performance of your operations.

Continuous Material Feed Bypass Kit provides a thorough cleaning process that ensures the highest level of cleanliness and efficiency in your operations.

Our systems come with a user-friendly operator display that can be controlled or monitored by a remote supervisory system. The display is rugged, heavy-duty, and designed to withstand vibration or shock when machine-mounted.

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