Life Cycle Services

TSM enable plastic manufacturers to get the best possible return on investment. We have the tools to support the sustainable productivity improvement of your plant. Our entire company’s focus on meeting the needs of plastic manufacturers allows us to meet your specific application requirements and life cycle requirements, depending on your investment.

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Ongoing Life Cycle Management

At TSM, one of our highest priorities is ensuring that plastic producers achieve the greatest possible performance from their TSM investment. To do this, we work hard to understand your business and provide you with the products and support you need.


Our goal is to ensure you achieve the highest possible return on your investment with TSM. We have the resources to help your plant increase productivity in a sustainable way. Since our entire company is focused on the needs of plastics producers, we can address the specific application demands and lifecycle requirements appropriate to your investment.


TSM is just as thoughtful of the past as we are of the future. When making design changes, we consider how those changes might impact older models of equipment. We have thoroughly considered how to take care of equipment throughout its life cycle. TSM tries to stay one step ahead allowing us to have a game plan in place when problems arise. Our thoughtful approach reassures our clients their equipment will be supported for many years to come.

TSM maintenance and field services help reduce costly downtime and maximize the performance of the blending system. Our service team is trained and certified in the latest

diagnostic, repair and maintenance practices, ensuring you receive the maximum value for your maintenance investment.


TSM Service portfolio offers the following value-added options for plastics producers:

  • Installation and Start Up Services
  • Maintenance & Field Services
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Process Optimization Services
  • Telephone Support
  • Remote Services
  • Spare Parts
  • Controls Upgrades
  • Operator Training and Skills Development


  • Products

  • Online & On The Ground Support

  • Resources

  • Spare Parts

Our Products

Products to transform your process: 

Our Blenders and auxiliary equipment are the industry’s strongest and smartest, providing a robust solution that works comfortably in plant environments yet delivers exceptional control and performance in all applications. Check out our range of products below. 

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We’d like to talk to you about the benefits of investing in TSM’s equipment and all the ways we support the life cycle of our equipment. We are committed to our client’s best interests. We know the price of installing new equipment or complete systems, therefore we deliver the best ROI to plastic processors compared to our competitors.

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