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Opti-Yield SLIW Extruder Control 

The Opti-Yield SLIW Extruder Control has been designed specifically to monitor the rate of one material or pre-blended material as it feeds into the extrusion process. 




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TSM’s Opti-Yield family of single component Loss-in-Weight Measurement feeders offers precise measurement, total reliability, and advanced process control options to ensure consistent end product quality with optimized material usage. Throughputs from 50kg/hr (110lb/hr) to 2,000kg/hr (4,400lb/hr) are available. 


The system comprises a hopper bin mounted over a weighing hopper and allows for continuous gravimetric weighing of materials entering the process machine.  


The electronics module monitors the gravimetric weight from the high set point to the low set point within the weigh hopper. When the weigh hopper reaches the low set point, the electronics module opens the slide gate under the hopper bin and fills until high set point is reached.  


Haul off speed measurement is added to ensure that the Weight per Length is controlled to the desired specification (yield control). This ensures that the product being produced is maintained at the desired average thickness or unit weight without operator intervention. This mode can be extended to weight per area control through entry or automatic measurement of material width. 


  • Rapid achievement of setpoint

  • Easily removable, easy clean, Weigh hopper

  • Gravity fed component allows for rapid material changes and minimal waste

  • User friendly remote operator interface

  • Optional lb/hr Kg/hr, Weight per length or average thickness control

  • Optional control of liquid additive dispenser

  • Easy swap out modular electronics unit

  • Comprehensive serial communications ports using Modbus/Profibus protocols

  • Complete ethernet connectivity

  • Comprehensive reports on shift, Order, roll, and material usage via USB printer email or SD card

  • Stainless Steel Material Flow Valve

  • High strength blender frame

  • One load cell mounted “Loss in Weight” hopper

  • Hopper Bin

  • Material Viewing Windows

  • 100 kg Material Throughput

  • Air regulator

  • Air gun

Opti-Yield Characteristics Opti-Yield 200 Opti-Yield 400 Opti-Yield 1000
Throughput 200kg/400 ibs per hour 400 kg/ 880 lbs per hour 1000kg/2200 lbs per hour


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