Bulk Bag Handling

Our Bulk Bag hanging is a versatile and reliable solution for bulk bag handling. Equipped with a range of features, it ensures efficient and safe operations, making it an essential asset for businesses that need to enhance their bulk bag handling processes.


  • Fully Automated System: The Bulk Bag Discharger provides a complete material unloading solution, reducing manual labor and improving efficiency.

  • Bottom Unloading System: This feature prevents bags from bursting or spilling, reducing waste and cleanup time.

  • Integrated Weigher: Ensures accurate discharge of materials, helping maintain consistent production quality.

  • Conveyor System: Efficiently conveys the material to a designated location, streamlining your workflow.

  • Safety System: Our Bulk Bag Discharger is designed with safety as a priority. The discharger will not operate if a problem is detected, helping to reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Efficiency: By automating bulk bag handling, our Bulk Bag Discharger saves time and improves operational efficiency.

  • Safety: With its bottom unloading system and safety system, it enhances the safety of your operations.

  • Versatility: Our Bulk Bag Discharger is a valuable solution for any industry that uses bulk bags, including the plastics, food, and chemical industries.

  • Reliability: Designed and built by TSM Control Systems, a trusted name in material handling solutions, you can rely on the performance and durability of our Bulk Bag Discharger.

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