Railcar Unloading Systems

TSM Control Systems offers high-performance Railcar Unloading Systems designed to handle bulk material unloading requirements. Our systems are engineered to be efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain, ensuring optimal performance in your operations. TSM Control Systems Railcar Unloading Systems are ideal for a variety of bulk material unloading applications.



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  • Unloading rates over 22,000 kg/hr. (50,000 lbs./hr.)

  • Line sizes between 3”-8”

  • Vacuum Pressure pumps up to 100 HP

  • Graphical feedback of system set-up and performance

  • High-Definition touch-screen display

  • Built in VNC server allows remote monitoring of the HMI

  • Sensors prevent material plugs in the conveying line

  • Pump oil change and filter change alarms

  • Smart control will dynamically control the amount of material in the system to maximize the throughput

  • Allows for bulk purchases resulting in lower cost of material

  • Vertical storage has a smaller footprint than horizontal storage

  • Weather-Resistance construction

  • Variety of options available

TSM Patented Mixing Technology

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