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TSM Multi-Blend

The TSM Multi-Blend Package is an innovative solution designed to blend and distribute recipes from multiple centrally located gravimetric batch blenders to multiple extruders. It efficiently manages material sources, minimizes cross-contamination, and simplifies order changes.



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The TSM Multi-Blend Package is a game-changing solution that allows a single blender to service any number of extruders, limited only by throughput and time considerations. It offers a multitude of benefits including reduced installation costs, faster order changes, and simplified automatic cleaning procedures.

The concept of the Multi-Blend package revolves around centralizing the blending process, eliminating the need for multiple blenders and loaders on each line. It avoids cross-contamination of materials and reduces pipe runs for each extruder, offering a more streamlined operation.

  • Reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for multiple blenders and loaders on each line

  • Minimizes the risk of cross-contamination with automated cleaning of the mixing chamber

  • Enables faster order changes through centralized blending

  • Facilitates ease of use due to centralization of blending

  • Handles up to 12 components per blender

  • Ensures lack of contamination issues on material feed pipes to multiple blenders

  • Can use a second vacuum receiver on the same extruder to handle difficult materials, such as Nylon

  • Allows complete separation of incompatible materials in a multi-layer environment

  • Patented reverse flight mixing auger guarantees homogeneous mixing

  • No dead areas in the mixing chamber and no separation of materials

  • Adjustable mixing time

  • Each extruder has an associated recipe. When the extruder calls for material, the panel downloads the recipe for that extruder to the blender

  • The system monitors which extruders are enabled

  • Uses vacuum receivers to load the recipes to the extruders, controlled from a remote panel

The Multi-Blend Package can accommodate multiple blend recipes, serving several processing machines simultaneously. This is ideal for injection molding applications or smaller extrusion applications where multiple low throughput processing machines can be fed with one higher throughput blender.

Material Mixing

The Multi-Blend system ensures multiple recipe database, and batch to batch consistency of up to 0.02%. It allows adjustable mixing time for different material types and blend requirements.

Material Distribution

When an extruder requires material, a signal is sent to the blender which prepares and mixes the recipe. Once the batch for that extruder is mixed, it is released to the vacuum take away box. The blender then automatically initiates the cleaning cycle in preparation for the next recipe.

Cleaning Process

The TSM Gravimetric Blender is fitted with a unique auto cleaning system. Beginning at the top, under the slide valves and working down to the mixing chamber, air jets are activated. Any loose pellets are blown down into the vacuum take away box before the slide valve under the blender closes. The blender is now entirely clean and ready to mix a different recipe.

Review of Process

The process of blending with the TSM Multi-Blend Package is an efficient cycle of dosing, filling, mixing, releasing, and cleaning. The extruder calls for material, and its associated recipe is downloaded. The blender doses and fills the recipe, then mixes the material for a specified time. The material is released to the vacuum take away box, and the blender is cleaned out

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