Day Bins / Surge Bins

Day Bins (also known as Surge Bins or Mobile Storage Bin) are an economical reusable storage solution for almost any material handling system.  They can greatly reduce floor space, waste and handling costs over the life of the bin compared to alternative containers.

Ranging in sizes from 10 cubic feet to 60 cubic feet, TSM has capacities and options that will provide more efficient material handling solutions throughout your operations.

For short term material storage to point-of-use processing, portable storage bins are a rugged and economical solution.



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  • 44″ x 44″ Footprint

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction

  • 10-60 Cubic Feet Capacity

  • Stacking Pads

  • 45 or 60 Degree Hopper

  • Manual Slide Gate

  • Forklift Pockets

  • Easily ties into existing vacuum system

  • Customizable

  • Portable options available

  • Loading and Unloading options available

  • Short term or long term use

TSM Patented Mixing Technology

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