Opti-Feeder MLIW Continuous Gravimetric Dosing (Starve Fed) 

Master precision and control in your material processing with the Opti-Feeder, a multi-component LIW gravimetric unit designed for high precision, reliability, and user-friendly operation.



In the world of material processing, precision and control are key. That’s where the Opti-Feeder comes in. Developed by TSM Control Systems, the Opti-Feeder is a multi-component LIW gravimetric unit designed to bring you the highest level of accuracy and reliability in your operations. Whether you’re handling one type of material or ten, the Opti-Feeder is equipped to deliver exact dosing rates, ensuring your process runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Multi-Component Handling: Capable of handling more than one type of material at a time.

  • Loss-In-Weight Technology: Utilizes a method of measuring how much of a material is being used by seeing how much weight is lost when the material is used.

  • Feeder Options: Can be set up to work horizontally or at an angle.

  • Auger Options: Uses different types of augers, including single barrel and spiral, available in multiple pitches and diameters.

  • Starve Feeding Applications: Carefully controls how much material is used, usually to ensure that not too much is used at once. It can handle rates from 1 to 3000 kilograms per hour and can manage up to 10 different materials at the same time.

  • PLC-Based Control: Controlled by a PLC, a computer designed to control industrial machines.

  • Profinet Communication: Can communicate using Profinet, a system for industrial machines to share information.

The Opti-Feeder is composed of 8 LIW based gravimetric feeders and a central hopper, designed to accurately meter each material in the correct ratio at the required feed rate for the starve fed extruder below. It features different dosing units for pellets of size 4.5 mm max, with varying rates from 5 to 1000 kg/h. Each dosing unit is equipped with a dosing screw, a 3-phase motor with motorized single-phase servo ventilation, and a strain gauge load cell.


The Opti-Feeder also includes refill hoppers with butterfly valves and capacitive level sensors, and a central collecting hopper made of SS AISI 304. The support frame for the complete group is made of carbon steel, painted (RAL to be defined), with a total height of 2900mm max.


The system is controlled by a central PLC-based controller with a touchscreen for easy operation and reliable function. It includes a Siemens S7 1200 series PLC complete with I/O modules, high-resolution A/D converters for load cells, inverters for dosing elements motors, and a 10″ color touchscreen HMI. The software manages all system components, recipes, production data, and a complete list of alarms, with 100% operation from the operator panel or remotely via access keys. It also supports Profinet data exchange to the host system.

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