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Hot Air Dryers

Not all applications require the desiccant drying methods.  Pellets made of non-hygroscopic polymers (such polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC) can have their surface moisture evaporated using hot air dryers.


Hot air drying systems consists of a heater, a blower, a temperature controller, and a filter. This method is frequently combined with a drying hopper for effective drying of non-hygroscopic resins. The technology can also be used to pre- or post-dry hygroscopic resins that have been or will be extensively dried by a desiccant dehumidifying drier.



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  • Direct machine mount hot air hopper dryers

  • Portable hot air hopper dryers

  • Large capacity hoppers

  • High range of drying temperatures

  • Easy cleaning access

  • Exhaust filter

  • Protection from over heating

  • Accurate temperature control

  • Automatic timer keeps drying constant

  • Easy to use controls

  • Energy saving technology

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