Desiccant Dryers

Resin drying is a vital component in plastic processing.  Dehumidifying keeps resin consistent and limits problems caused by too much moisture.  Having too much moisture is not only a problem for the quality of end-product, but it can damage other equipment throughout the system.



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  • Centralized desiccant drying systems

  • Portable desiccant drying systems

  • Desiccant drying hoppers

  • Large capacity hoppers

  • Up to 180°C drying temperatures

  • Down to -50°C dew point

  • Full display monitoring system w/ visual and sound alarms

  • Monitors to prevent over drying and degradation of resin material

  • No undried material entering production line

  • Ability to monitor air temperature returned to production process

  • Preset and programmable parameters

  • Energy saving technology

  • No compressed air or cooling water needed

  • Adjustable airflow controls

TSM Patented Mixing Technology

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