Opti Feed

TSM’s OPTI-FEED’s unique design employing the patented dosing cylinder combined with
stepper motor ensures that the colorant is metered evenly and extremely accurately.
The dosing cylinder eliminates any pulsation during metering into the main plastic stream, thus offering maximum control of the process and the end product

  •  Prevents coloring materials to become lodged between mechanical parts, i.e. less downtime and efficient use of expensive coloring agents.
  • Actively prevents pulsating, i.e. it guarantees consistent output quality.
  • Reduces colorant and additive usage due to its superior metering characteristics – direct cost reduction.
  • Requires lower torques for metering larger quantities of materials, and you can have output capacity ranges from 5 gr/h to 25 kg/h with only one Dosing Cylinder.

Datasheet (PDF):

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