Smart Factory: How to make your existing factory more intelligent.

A recent discussion from SPE Precision Extrusion Topcon in Nashville. 

Proven Industry 4.0 technologies are yielding significant benefits to companies that adopt them. However, many companies are struggling to embrace these technologies and according to BCG (2021) of the 72% that believe there is value in data excellence only 17% identify they have realised real value. Why? We believe this due to the approach being taken towards such projects.  


Key Value Drivers:

We believe initially identifying the key value driver in any IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) project is key to delivering true value from such projects. Key Value drivers ensure data is then only sourced based on this true north that stakeholders have agreed too. Once correct data is identified it is then contextualized, actions derived for the organisation that leads to the real value being delivered. In this way we believe IIoT projects are more people projects than tech projects.  

People Focus not Tech:

People are at the heart of realising more value from these projects. Mindset is also essential for such projects; treat such projects as organic – let them evolve. The initial focus and architecture will change as buy-in happens across the organisation and new value may emerge from the digital transformation journey. 

Key Considerations:

We have identified 5 Key considerations in executing your IIoT solution; Data Modelling, Data, Security, Platform; DIY vs Rapid Development and Connectivity & Interoperability. 

Real Case Example:

In executing our IIoT solution; Insight: A real-time performance management platform for plastics producers, we have connected existing devices from the factory floor directly to a cloud platform to produce relevant, real-time accurate information for our clients. Insight can be used for Realtime Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics & Service, Yield Optimisation & Realtime Inventory Management. 

In Insight we have developed a solution utilizing best in class providers, including PTC Thingworx & Microsoft Azure to deliver a robust multi-staged back up data strategy. This gives our solution the ability to connect to any device on the factory floor irrespective of vendor or generation. 


Next Steps:

To find out more or discuss your IIoT requirements with TSM please email [email protected]

Or alternatively, click the link below to download our slidedeck for an in-depth read on the subject.

Smart Factory: How to make your existing factory more intelligent.

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See you at K 2022!

K 2022
TSM Stand 10H36

TSM at K 2022 - 10H36

TSM are pleased to announce that we will once again exhibit at K 2022 which is taking place in Düsseldorf from the 19th to the 26th of October 2022.


Located in Hall 10, Booth 10H36, TSM will bring to the market our full range of Gravimetric Blending Products, Extrusion Control Systems, Material Management Solutions, along with many new innovations. Our experienced team are looking forward to seeing you there.


Please contact us to book an appointment and product demonstration at the show.

Opti-Mix Mark II Blender Entered the Global Market

Revealed at the 2019 K-Show Plastics Fair, the TSM Opti-Mix “Mark-II” range of Gravimetric Blenders successfully entered the global market in 2020.  Based on the ‘Gain in Weight’ principal, preset blend ratios are entered on the microprocessor controller.  Each component is then metered separately into a single weigh hopper, which measures and controls each material’s weight.  The blend is then dropped into a mixing chamber for homogenization, and flood fed into the customer’s equipment.

Major Benefits Include:

•  Increased Hopper Bin Storage Capacity
•  Hopper Bin Viewing Windows
•  Easy Clean Hopper Bin Drains
•  Dosing Ranges of 0.5% up to 100%
•  Throughput Capability up to 5,000 kg/hr
•  Max No. of Material Components is 6
•  Stainless Steel Mixing Chamber
•  Reinforced High Strength Blender Frame
•  7” Color Touch Screen User Interface
•  Comprehensive Order Reporting Facilities
•  Ethernet and USB Ports
•  iNsight Data Acquisition Compatibility
•  Access Door to Each Hopper Bin Compartment
•  Horizontal Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Slide Gates
•  Patented Positive Displacement Reverse Screw Mixing Auger

TSM Information Regarding the Current Coronavirus Situation

TSM is taking the situation resulting from the outbreak of the coronavirus very seriously. The health of our employees and their families is our highest priority, as is maintaining our business processes and ability to deliver TSM products.
We have implemented extensive measures to protect our employees and to secure and maintain our business processes and ability to deliver. We are very happy to report that no TSM employee has been infected with COVID-19 to date.
With this letter, we would like to inform you about the current situation and possible effects on the supply chain of TSM Control Systems.
What are TSM doing to support Customers’ ongoing requirements?
  • TSM has introduced a work at home policy for all sales, service, administration and engineering staff.
  • TSM service personnel are fully enabled for remote service connectivity and are available to travel subject to approval of the Operations Manager and in accordance with government guidelines and customers’ policies.
  • All TSM contacts that customers are familiar with are still available by phone and email.
Within our factory operations we have introduced the following precautions:
  • Hygiene training & education, posters, hand sanitizers at all workstations
  • Social distancing among all production staff
  • Routine (sometimes hourly) cleaning of all contact surfaces
  • A ‘no-visitor’ policy has been introduced in our factory
  • All internal communication is being conducted via Microsoft Teams.
What effect does the current situation have on TSM’s supply chain?
Thankfully all supply chain channels are currently open, and our stock levels are adequate for our orders book.
We have contacted all major suppliers worldwide and are in regular contact with them regarding new developments concerning the supply chain. We have again further increased stock levels of raw materials for parts that are critical to production.
What effect does the current situation have on our deliveries?
Equipment is supplied directly from our domestic suppliers and our plant in Ireland. At present, the movement of goods is not restricted. All spare parts and services are still being provided. Our warehouses are well stocked and capable of supporting all spare part requirements for the foreseeable future.
If there are any future restrictions that impact your business requirements, we will of course inform you immediately.
We would like to thank you for your trust and cooperation with TSM in this extraordinary situation and our team will be there to support you.
Finally, just to reemphasize that all current orders are being processed and being worked on by staff that are vigilant in following the strict COVID-19 procedures and guidelines that are currently in place. Our parts warehouses are well stocked for any spare parts requirements and our service team are fully enabled for remote service connectivity and where essential, on-site visits.
Please reach out to TSM with any questions.