Opti-Pow Gravimetric Powder Feeder

The Opti-Mix Batch Blender with Powder Handling has been designed specifically to provide precise ‘dosing’ solutions.



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TSM’s Opti-Pow range of batch blending solutions offers the unique processing and homogeneous mixing of standard pellets, regrind and powders with the same precise measurement, total reliability and advanced extrusion control options that are available on our standard range of Opti-Mix blenders. With the ever-present requirement to handle more complex recipes and reduce material costs, the Opti-Pow offers this ideal solution to plastic producers in a cost competitive package.


The ever-increasing costs for polymers and additives and increasing pressures on viability of virgin materials means it has never been more important to ensure materials are dosed accurately and are homogenously mixed.


The TSM Opti-Pow provides an extremely reliable, robust, and precise ‘dosing’ solution for gravimetric blending and extrusion control. The powder component is gravimetrically fed directly to the blender and can dosed, weighed, and mixed with the other materials for a complete homogeneous mixing of all recipe materials.



  • Extrusion Control (lb/hr)

  • Off-Line Blending

  • Weight per Length Control

  • Custom Mounting Flanges

  • Integrated Material Handling

  • TSM Patented Reverse Flight Auger

  • No Material Separation or Demixing

  • Precise Control to Target Setpoint

  • High Accuracy Dispensing up to 0.01% of Batch

  • Starve-fed or Flood-fed Applications

  • Large blender access door with generous viewing window

  • Easily Removable, Easy Clean weigh hopper

  • Comprehensive reporting management

Opti-Pow Characteristics Opti-Pow 200 Opti-Pow 400 Opti-Pow 1000
Throughput 200kg/400 ibs per hour 400 kg/ 880 lbs per hour 1000kg/2200 lbs per hour


TSM Patented Mixing Technology


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