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Opti-Flake High Throughput Blender

The Opti-Flake has been designed specifically, with the circular economy in mind, for blending bioplastic and recycled materials.

The materials are mixed uniformly irrespective of bulk density, and this, combined with the cramming action it creates at the throat, greatly assists in the processing of difficult regrind materials, often allowing higher regrind percentages to be used and greater throughputs to be achieved.




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The ever-increasing costs for polymers and additives and increasing pressures on viability of virgin materials means it has never been more important to ensure materials are dosed accurately and are homogenously mixed, with a blender which can handle recycled materials.


The Opti-Flake High Throughput Blender can accommodate up to 8 material components while providing throughput rates up to 1500 kg/hr including Flakes of Density 300 kg/m3 or greater.


It utilizes the patented TSM slide valve design and the patented reverse-flight auger mixing technology. This combination provides superior accuracies, blend ratios and mixing homogeneity that is not achievable by competitive systems.


All components are blended by weight based on the preset blend ratios on the microprocessor controller. Each component is metered separately into a double action weigh hopper, which measures and controls their rate. With special weigh hopper and hopper bin agitators, this blender will assist with the smooth flow of the flake materials.


  • Extrusion Control

  • Off-Line Blending

  • Regrind Flow Assist Devices

  • Flange Adaptors

  • Integrated Material Handling

  • Up to 1500 Kilos per hour of Flake Blending in one unit

  • Up to 100% Flake Recipe

  • Direct Throat Mounting

  • TSM Patented Reverse Flight Auger

  • Up to 4 x 6” Slide Valves

  • 5” Discharge

  • Double Action Weigh Hopper

  • Up to 8 Materials in One Unit

Our Opti-Flake comes in 3 different series, each with different capabilities depending on process requirement. 

  • Compact 
  • Standard 
  • Large 

Get in touch for more information on capacity and specifications.


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