Opti-Cram Material Feed Assist

Introducing the Opti-Cram Material Feed Assist – a game-changing solution by TSM that optimizes the feeding process in production machinery. By leveraging our patented mixing auger, this device ensures consistent, homogeneous blending of materials, significantly reducing surging and enhancing end product quality. Available in three different series, the Opti-Cram Material Feed Assist caters to a variety of process requirements, proving itself an invaluable asset in the realm of material processing.



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The Opti-Cram Material Feed Assist revolutionizes the way materials are fed into the processing machine. Designed to enhance consistency, this state-of-the-art product utilizes a patented mixing auger to homogenize material at the machine throat while also cramming it downwards into the feeding zone. By creating a consistent head pressure through the material into the feeding zone, it aids the consistent takeaway of material, significantly reducing surging and enhancing the quality of the end product.

  • Reduces surging in the processing machine due to inconsistent takeaway from the feeding zone

  • Allows more consistent feeding of low bulk density / poor flowing materials into the processing machine

  • Delivers a more consistent homogeneous blend of material into the processing machine, thereby improving the quality of the end product

  • Patented Mixing Auger: Promotes efficient and homogenous blending of materials

  • Consistent Head Pressure: Ensures a steady takeaway of materials from the feeding zone

  • Reduced Surging: Lessens inconsistencies in the processing machine for smoother operations

  • Series Varieties: Available in Compact, Standard, and Large series to cater to different process requirements

The Opti-Cram Material Feed Assist is available in three different series to cater to diverse processing requirements:

  • Compact: Ideal for small-scale operations with limited space, the Compact series offers the same benefits of material consistency as the larger models, but in a smaller footprint.
  • Standard: The Standard series is our most popular offering, balancing capacity and size for most common processing applications.
  • Large: For operations requiring high volumes of material processing, the Large series offers the maximum capacity while maintaining consistent material feed.


Specific models and capacities for each series will be provided upon request to ensure the optimal match between the Opti-Cram Material Feed Assist and your processing requirements.

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