Central Vacuum Pumps

Central Vacuum Pumps are a key component to designing an efficient plastic processing line.  TSM’s Central Positive Displacement Vacuum Pumps are designed for long distance bulk raw material conveying with high throughputs.  Our vacuum pumps can pull from a variety of sources and move material to another destination like blenders or machine hoppers.  Each pump is sized to fit project requirements giving you a custom solution that works for your application.




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  • T.E.F.C. high efficiency motor

  • Vacuum and pressure safety relief valves and switches

  • Rotary lobe displacement pump

  • Discharge silencer

  • Heavy duty industrial silencer

  • In-line pump protection filter

  • Continuous run valves optional

  • Vacuum pump sound enclosure optional

  • High Volume Conveying

  • Efficient

  • Simple Installation

  • Operator Friendly

  • Easy Expansion

  • Reliable

  • Automatic loading


Solutions for your industry application:

We offer solutions for a range of applications, from Blown Film to Injection Molding, we have the equipment for your needs. With an extensive range of products to choose from plus associated controls and options, all industry applications are catered for.

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