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Internal Bubble Cooling Systems

Introducing TSM’s Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) Systems – a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize the blown film extrusion industry. Exclusively designed by TSM Control Systems, these IBC systems leverage our profound expertise in blown film technology to deliver enhanced cooling efficiency, increased production capacity, and minimized width tolerances.


With the industry grappling with increasing demands for efficiency and quality, TSM’s IBC systems provide the perfect solution to overcome these challenges and set new standards in the industry.



Our IBC systems offer unparalleled cooling efficiency by precisely controlling the exchange of hot and cool air within the film bubble. This optimal cooling process results in a significant boost in production rates, with increases of between 10 – 20%.

By enhancing the cooling process and minimizing width tolerances, our IBC systems allow for increased production capacity without compromising on film quality. This makes them a cost-effective solution for meeting increasing production demands.

Our IBC systems incorporate patented split sensors that react to the slightest changes in bubble size at or below the frost line. This advanced sensor technology allows for quick detection and immediate correction of any changes, especially when working with low melt strength materials such as metallocenes and LLDPE.


In a rapidly evolving industry, TSM’s Internal Bubble Cooling Systems are the perfect solution to meet the increasing demands and overcome the challenges in the blown film industry. Experience the revolution in blown film extrusion with TSM Control Systems.

Key features and benefits of TSM IBC systems include:

  1. Easy Retrofitting: These systems can be readily retrofitted to any existing bubble cage systems, providing an efficient solution to enhance production capacity.
  2. Low Maintenance: TSM IBC systems are designed to be almost maintenance-free, thereby reducing operational costs and downtime.
  3. Non-Contact Monitoring: The ultrasonic control system ensures efficient, continuous, non-contact monitoring of the bubble.
  4. Improved Tolerances: The system facilitates width tolerances of less than ± 2 mm, enabling more consistent and high-quality film production.
  5. Versatile Usage: TSM IBC systems can be used for both interior supply air and exit air, thus ensuring optimal cooling efficiency across the extrusion process.

By integrating TSM’s IBC systems into their production lines, manufacturers can significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of their blown film extrusion process, leading to substantial productivity gains and cost savings.

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