Product Lifecycle Management

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Service Completes the Picture !


TSM maintenance and field services help reduce costly downtime and maximise the performance of the blending systems we provide.


Our service team is trained and certified in the latest diagnostic, repair and maintenance practices, ensuring you receive the maximum value for your maintenance investment. 


TSM Service portfolio offers the following value-added options for our customers:


  • Installation and Start Up Services 
  • Maintenance & Field Services 
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
  • Process Optimisation Services 
  • Telephone Support  
  • Remote Services  
  • Spare Parts Lifecycle Management 
  • Training/Skills Development


Our holistic approach to lifecycle management means that we will constantly look to protect you investment by allowing you upgrade on a modular basis, minimizing cost and downtime.

We also guard against early obsolescence by promising that any new technology is backward-compatible, allowing existing equipment in the field to be upgradeable to TSM’s latest technology