Opti-Mix Mark II Blender Entered the Global Market

Revealed at the 2019 K-Show Plastics Fair, the TSM Opti-Mix “Mark-II” range of Gravimetric Blenders successfully entered the global market in 2020.  Based on the ‘Gain in Weight’ principal, preset blend ratios are entered on the microprocessor controller.  Each component is then metered separately into a single weigh hopper, which measures and controls each material’s weight.  The blend is then dropped into a mixing chamber for homogenization, and flood fed into the customer’s equipment.

Major Benefits Include:

•  Increased Hopper Bin Storage Capacity
•  Hopper Bin Viewing Windows
•  Easy Clean Hopper Bin Drains
•  Dosing Ranges of 0.5% up to 100%
•  Throughput Capability up to 5,000 kg/hr
•  Max No. of Material Components is 6
•  Stainless Steel Mixing Chamber
•  Reinforced High Strength Blender Frame
•  7” Color Touch Screen User Interface
•  Comprehensive Order Reporting Facilities
•  Ethernet and USB Ports
•  iNsight Data Acquisition Compatibility
•  Access Door to Each Hopper Bin Compartment
•  Horizontal Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Slide Gates
•  Patented Positive Displacement Reverse Screw Mixing Auger