TSM has over 40 years of industry expertise in the area of conveying and handling similar and dissimilar materials. TSM's fully integrated family of material handling components enable TSM to deliver complete project solutions to our clients. A full range of ancillary equipment allow site specific project and application requirements to be met from a single source.

Vacuum Recieving

As material loading is an integral part of every production process, minimal disruption of material flow with complete control is essential. TSM now offers a range of reliable and user-friendly Vacuum Receivers to serve your material handling needs. Our stand alone Automatic Vacuum Loaders provide fast and accurate materials handling with minimal effort.

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Central Dust Filter

TSM Dust Collectors keep your plant free from air-born particles of dust and fines and prevent dust from damaging the vacuum pump. A central vacuum dust collector allows dust filtration to take place at the line level. An air-tight collection container makes the removal of fines quick and easy. Automatic filter cleaning is available, lengthening the time between service requirements. Some models use an integrated relief valve to remove dust from the filter, while others incorporate a sequential blowback system.

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Central Vacuum Control

TSM’s high performance, centrally controlled vacuum conveying system covers all aspects of modern conveying technology for plastic materials. TSM offers flexible solutions for your simple material handling requirements as well as the more complex demands our customers may require

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