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Blown Film

Blown Film is one of the most common plastic processing methods that are used to create bag, sheet and film.

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Pipe & Tubing

A continuous process utilising recycle material and precise extrusion and haul off control to ensure correct pipe diameter and wall thickness.

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Production of coloured textile and carpet fibres requires uniform and consistent colour control best achieved by gravimetric systems

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Preparing plastic formulas by mixing polymers and additives to achieve a homogenous blend demands excellent dispersive and distributive mixing

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Extrusion Coating

Coating technique used for the application of various plastics, notably polyethylene, paperboard, corrugated board, etc

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Cast Film

Cast films are used for food and textiles packaging. Coextruded films typically contain up to seven layers and demand exact thickness and sheet uniformity

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Wire & Cable

Extrusion process requiring accurate dosing of colour and homogeneous mixing to ensure proper coating and colour consistency

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Blow Moulding

Blow moulding process used to create plastic parts demands excellent dosing accuracy and efficiency in additive dispensing

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